New Version Coming Soon!

We’ve been hard at work working on finishing up the next version of Write Aid! The major update overhaul will feature a brand new design, improved site functionality/usability, and loads of new features and enhancements that will help you streamline your writing and article management.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feature suggestions or ideas you’d like to see in the next version.

Article Due Dates & Deadlines

We’ve just added the feature to be able to select a Due Date, or deadline, for articles to be submitted by. If the article deadline is missed and is not submitted by the end of the due date, you will receive an email notification with the article details.

You can also review the number of missed deadlines per writer under the Performance report.

Writer Performance Reports & Max Claimable Articles

We’ve added a new report type: Performance

This report will track the number articles that are Timed Out (articles that aren’t submitted within the selected timeframe) and total number of Rejections. This will help you monitor your writers performance and activity.

You can also limit the maximum number of articles that writers can claim at one time. Just visit the Writers page, edit the writers profile, and input the Max Claimable option. This will only allow them to claim up to the limit you set per writer. In order for them to claim more articles, they must either submit their currently claimed articles, or unclaim them.

Added: Article Markup & Previews

We’ve now added support for markup syntax when submitting and editing articles!

The acceptable tags are: headers [1-6], bold, italic, bulleted list, numbered list – there’s also an article preview button.

We have also added in a Preview button on the Submitted articles area so you can preview the full article.